Working with Themes in Drupal 7

Working with Themes in Drupal 7, Like any other CMS drupal allows us to use themes, the best use of themes is we can simply change design of any drupal website by changing theme. Drupal providing nearly two thousand free themes as of December 2013. Here you will learn different ways of installing themes, and how to enable themes in drupal. And the common configuration options that are available in drupal themes. And the Last one is disabling and uninstalling themes in drupal.

Working with themes in Drupal 7 is an article in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal7.

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Drupal Themes Count As of December 2013

Drupal Themes Count As of December 2013

Here in Working with Themes in Drupal 7 you will learn

  1. Installing themes
  2. Enabling themes
  3. Configuring theme
  4. disabling theme

Installing themes in drupal 7

If you want to know about installing themes, then you first need to install drupal. If you already installed drupal then login to drupal administration section. Drupal theme can be installed in many different ways.

  • Simplest way is install it through drupal administration panel.
  • Next method is download theme and upload it manually to server using ftp client.
  • Last method, download and enable drupal theme using drush.

Install theme through drupal administration section

  1. Navigate to Appearance => themes.
  2. On themes administration page, you can find, install new theme button.
  3. On the next screen you have two options.
    • First option is copy theme url location on drupal server and paste it there.
    • Next option is download theme archive file to your local computer and upload it.
  4. Next click on install button, theme will be installed on your website.
  5. From themes administration page, you can find newly installed theme.

Download theme & upload it to server

  1. Select theme that you want to install it on drupal website.
  2. Then download theme archive file same as drupal core version.
  3. Extract theme archive files.
  4. Upload extracted files to server using any ftp program.
    upload theme files to your-drupal-root-directory/sites/all/themes
  5. After that login to drupal administration section.
  6. And navigate to Appearance => themes.
  7. You can find newly installed theme.

Download and install themes using drush


Enable the theme in drupal 7

Enable theme in drupal 7 means it will only activates theme from disabled mode to active mode. If you want to make it as front end theme, then you have to make it as default theme. First you can enable the theme and make it as default theme, And the other option is it enables and assigns theme as default theme.

For enabling theme follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to drupal themes administration pages structure => appearance.
  2. You can find newly installed theme in disabled themes section
  3. Below that theme, you can see two options
    • One is just enable
    • And the other one Enable and set default
  4. Click on Enable and set default button.
  5. That will sets theme as front end theme.

Configuring theme in drupal 7

Here in the configuration options, you can configure title, slogan, logo, colors, main menu, secondary menu, favicon and those.


Disabling theme in drupal 7

For disabling themes in drupal 7, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to drupal themes administration page structure => appearance.
  2. Default theme will shows as default theme right after theme title.
  3. To disable that theme, make other theme as default.

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