Working with Drupal 7 CCK

Working with Drupal 7 CCK, CCK means Content Construction Kit. By default drupal comes with two content types one is Article and the other one is basic page. You can use CCK to create new content types and for adding extra fields to existing content types. Here you will learn, how to create content types and edit or update existing content types. Add cck fields to content types like image, email, mobile number filed and all those.

This is the Third part in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7.

Drupal 7 CCK (Content Construction Kit)

  1. Creating a content type in drupal 7
    Here you will learn how to create content type in drupal.
  2. Adding cck fields in drupal 7
    Here you can add fields to content types in drupal 7 using cck.
  3. adding email field in drupal 7
    Adding an email field to a content types in drupal 7 cck.
  4. adding phone field in drupal 7
    Adding phone field to content type in drupal 7.
  5. adding image field in dupal 7
    Adding an image input filed to content types, so user can upload images while creating content.
  6. adding select list in drupal 7
    Creating select list (drop down list) in drupal cck
  7. adding radio buttons in drupal 7
    Adding radio button to content types in drupal 7.
  8. adding check boxes in drupal 7
    Working with check boxes in drupal 7 cck
  9. adding date popup calender
    Working with date filed in drupal cck.
  10. Using entity reference in drupal 7 content type
  11. creating two content types with entity reference.

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