WordPress Themes & Plugins That I Used to Intergate WHMCS

WordPress Themes & Plugins That I Used to Intergate WHMCS

WHMCS is a popular Web Hosting Management application. If you want to integrate WHMCS with WordPress CMS, you should integrate them into same look and feel. Otherwise, WHMCS & WordPress looks as two different applications. You should maintain same design across both of them.

Here I'm going to reveal the theme & plugin ​that I used, I have decided to use this theme after a lot of research. 

I have used a template from cmsbased.net, but I modified it a lot. I have used this template to maintain the same feel across WHMCS & WordPress. I used echo host .

And I used one more WordPress plugins to get data from WHMCS without entering all the information in a manual way. WHMPress is an awesome plugin, it has a lot of features. WHMPress imports all the packages, prices & their feature and also domain names supported in WHMCS.

Echohost WordPress Theme

This theme contains some prebuilt designs, you can implement them by using shortcodes.

ecohost demo

Their support is awesome, they have good support team. They are not quick, but they will give the solution in few hours.

Cmsbased.net developed few other themes and modules. All these themes are similar with some design patterns. You can check all other themes, based on your interest you can pick one.

WHMPress - WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin

WHMPress can be used to import WHMCS packages data, prices & their features and available domain name extensions, their prices.  I used this plugin for ajax search on the home page. And to import hosting plans into WordPress.

It's a good plugin to integrate WHMCS and WordPress. Recently they added pricing charts with different designs. Developer updates this plugin regularly with new features.

You can always sync new product or service prices always, with just click of a button.​

whmcs wordpress integration plugins


If you are planning to integrate WHMCS with WordPress, you can use these WordPress themes & plugins. They are awesome. I highly recommend these products, because I have used these products.

If you have any doubts regarding integrations, let me know through the comment form below.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.

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