WordPress Database Structure

WordPress Database Structure

WordPress is written using PHP as its scripting language and MySQL as its database management system. For using WordPress you don’t need to learn php & MySQL, but if you have basic understanding of how it works that will be enough to solve any problems that you will get into. Here in this article you will learn about WordPress database structure.

Default installation of WordPress comes with eleven tables. These are the following tables.

  1. wp_commentmeta
    • Each comment features information called the meta data and it is stored in the wp_commentmeta.
  2. wp_comments
    • The comments within WordPress are stored in the wp_comments table.
  3. wp_links
    • The wp_links holds information related to the links entered into the Links feature of WordPress.
  4. wp_options
    • The Options set under the Administration > Settings panel are stored in the wp_options table.
  5. wp_postmeta
    • Each post features information called the meta data and it is stored in the wp_postmeta. Some plugins may add their own information to this table.
  6. wp_posts
    • The core of the WordPress data is the posts. It is stored in the wp_posts table. Also Pages and navigation menu items are stored in this table.
  7. wp_terms
    • The categories for both posts and links and the tags for posts are found within the wp_terms table.
  8. wp_term_relationships
    • Posts are associated with categories and tags from the wp_terms table and this association is maintained in the wp_term_relationships table. The association of links to their respective categories are also kept in this table.
  9. wp_term_taxonomy
    • This table describes the taxonomy (category, link, or tag) for the entries in the wp_terms table.
  10. wp_usermeta
    • Each user features information called the meta data and it is stored in wp_usermeta.
  11. wp_users
    • The list of users is maintained in table wp_users.

Above are the eleven tables, wp_ is the database prefix, we can change database prefix while installing WordPress.

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