Is WHMCS Good for Your Business? WHMCS Review Complete Guide

Is WHMCS Good for Your Business? WHMCS Review Complete Guide

whmcs review

I have started using WHMCS few years back, For starting Webhosting business. I have done good business with in my client base. WHMCS is an awesome application for managing web hosting products and services.

By using WHMCS, you can run shared hosting business, VPS or dedicated hosting. I have used this to run my web designing & development client invoices & orders along with project management and also hosting services.

If you have website design business or website development business, want to start web hosting services within your clients using a limited budget. Then use WHMCS. You can make some extra profits from your clients with hosting & domain registration services and the good news is it's recurring payment.

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WHMCS Review From Genuine User

Summary : ​WHMCS is popular web hosting automation platform from billing to creating, managing hosting accounts.

  • Affordable Pricing Compared to Other Solutions
  • Monthly & One Time Plans Available
  • Lot of Free Modules
  • Good Support
  • Easy to Integrate with lot of Domain Registrars 
  • Supports all popular payment gateways
  • Integration with all popular control panel applications
  • They will send updates whenever possible.
  • To get Support & Update Fee to be paid Yearly
  • To use WHMCS mobile application also paid feature.


WHMCS offers great features with in core, you can extend them with modules.


WHMCS is fast enough to create hosting account within seconds.


They have great support team, you will get response with in few minutes after creating ticket.


WHMCS pricing is affordable, and available in monthly & One Time Plans.

User Friendly

WHMCS has user friendly dashboard and easy to use.

Starting from $15.95 per Month

WHMCS Setup Tutorial

1. What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for your web hosting online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool.​ With WHMCS you can set up hosting packages, payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, domain registration and fraud protection services.

WHMCS allows your clients to send high-quality professional-looking invoices directly from the control panel. In each invoice sent from WHMCS, there are PDF versions attached to every email sent from WHMCS. The PDF versions are included in all new invoice notifications and payment reminder notices sent from WHMCS. The benefit of this is that your clients never have to visit your website to see their overall bill, they are delivered directly to their email through fully customizable templates.​

  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Automated Account Creation, Suspension & Termination
  • Integrated Client Support Center including Support Tickets and Knowledge Base
  • Payment Tracking and Statistical Reports
  • Multi-Language Support for Control Panel and Email
  • Customizable Control Panel using Templates

2. What Does WHMCS Stand For?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution​

4. WHMCS System Requirements

Below are the server configuration requirement, if you are on shared hosting at least you should have minimum server requirements for installing WHMCS. If you are on dedicated or VPS maintain WHMCS Recommended System Requirements.

WHMCS Minimum System Requirements
  • ​PHP Version - 5.3.7
  • PHP Memory Limit - 64MB
  • PHP Database Extension - PDO
  • PHP Extensions - Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support
  • MySQL Version - 5.1.0
  • MySQL Strict Mode - Disabled
  • Ioncube Loaders - 4.6.1
WHMCS Recomended System Requirements
  • ​PHP Version - Latest 5.4.x Release or Later
  • PHP Memory Limit - 128MB or More
  • PHP Database Extension - PDO
  • PHP Extensions - Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support, MBString
  • MySQL Version - 5.5.x
  • MySQL Strict Mode - Disabled
  • Ioncube Loaders - 4.7.5

6. WHMCS Buying Guide

It is easy to setup and cost effective if you have the problem investing a lot of money. You can go with monthly no branding plan. Even I tried this in the beginning after that I've cancelled the monthly plan, WHMCS team refunded my one month fee. After that, I purchased one time plan no branding. Even I had the doubt, will this fits my needs? That's why I tried monthly plan.

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And the good thing about WHMCS is their prices are same when I have purchased and now.  

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If you combine WHMCS with other modules & applications, you can achieve a lot of good results & functionality. WHMCS is used by a lot of popular Webhosting service providers. If you have any doubt check this list below.

5. How To Install WHMCS, Installation Gudie

​Installation is pretty simple, but before installing you need to get some modules installed on your server. One of them is Ioncube module. If you are using CPanel user,

whmcs review dashboard

WHMCS supports all the major payment gateway services. I use CCAvenue because all my clients are from India.

7. How to integrate WHMCS with WordPress​

If you are using WordPress CMS for your main website, there are lot of templates available for integrating WHMCS with WordPress. By using these themes, you can make whmcs pages as same as WordPress pages. And also in WordPress pages, we can call the plans & offers. For more information on WordPress themes & WordPress plugins for integrating WHMCS, go through below links.

8. How To Change WHMCS Theme or Template

9. Setting Up WHMCS Currency

10. WHMCS Order Forms

For sending emails, you can setup amazon email services. So that there won't be any problem with email delivery. Check this article

And also we can send email notification to customers about their activity from registration to renewals, pending orders & completed orders, everything so on...

11. WHMCS HTML Emails​

By default WHMCS emails are text based, you can convert them to ​HTML. Setup HTML Email's in WHMCS.

12. Sending SMS Notifications In WHMCS

I do send the SMS notifications to my clients regarding their products & services. For this I used a module named sms center, it's  perfect module for sending SMS notifications. It supports a lot of popular messaging API's.

13. WHMCS Cpanel Integration

14. Setup Reseller Hosting With WHMCS

15. How to Setup WHMCS Reseller Account

16. SettingUp WHMCS Domain Registrations​

17. WHMCS enom Reseller

18. WHMCS Invoice Template

19. WHMCS Project Management

For managing web designing & web development projects, I used Project Management app from WHMCS. It's great in-house application for project management.

20. WHMCS Project Management Demo

WHMCS has android and iOS application to monitor orders while on the go. You can add, approve new orders without using laptop or desktop. To access those apps, they are paid. I didn't tried this, because I always have laptop with me.

21. WHMCS Development License​ (Developer License)

If you have a license, you can get a development version of your license, this is an extra license to run development version, To test the things before you try it on your real website. But to get this development license, you need to create a support ticket.

Their support team is awesome, no need to test. They are great at what they do. They will resolve everything from their end, if the problem with in WHMCS.

WHMCS code encrypted, there is nothing you could do to change the things. You have to use what you get from WHMCS, if you want anything you need to use extra modules. Here are few WHMCS modules that I used for my project.


CRM means customer relationship management. If you are planning to develop your hosting business. Then you need to use this one. By using WHMCS CRM, you can add new prospect details, create an account easily. Add follow-up information of every prospect.

whmcs crm review

23. How to Setup Support in WHMCS

I hope this article helped you to learn about WHMCS, if you have any issues or want to know about anything in WHMCS let me know through comment form below.

24. WHMCS Security

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