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How to Increase PHP memory_limit in WHM (CPanel)

How to increase PHP memory_limit in WHM. You will have access to WHM, if you have a dedicated server or vps. You can follow these steps to change php memory_limit. ​1. Login to WHM ​2. Navigate to Server Configuration => PHP Configuration Editor 3. ​Change memory_limit value to what ever you need ​4. Click on Save Button. Your Server ​Memory limit has […]

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How to Re-Activate/Update CPanel License

If you have a VPS or Dedicated server, then you will know about CPanel License. For using CPanel License we need to purchase CPanel License and it’s monthly recurring. If for any reason CPanel License Suspended, Then we can’t login to CPanel & WHM.After purchasing license again, we need to run this below code to login […]

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