Using VirtualBox in windows to install Linux

Using VirtualBox in windows to install Linux, If you are using windows and want to use Linux then virtualization or virtual machines. This is simple step by step guide to start using virtualbox in windows to install linux or any other operating system, because for setting up Virtual Machine it’s bit confusing for beginners. First step is to install and download Oracle VM VirtualBox from their official website.

Steps for Using VirtualBox in windows to install Linux

First Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox.

After installing open Orcal VM VirtualBox application. Click on New

how to install linux using virtualbox

Open Oracle VM VirtualBox, Click on New button

Enter Operating System name and select Operating System from Select List.

how to install ubuntu using virtualbox

Enter Operating System and select Operating System from select list.

Set Operating System RAM size, by entering amount of ram you want to assign.

install ubuntu using virtualbox

Assign RAM for Virtual Machine

Next Select Hard Drive File Type, if this is the first time then leave it and click on next.

using virtualbox on windows 7

Select Hard Disk File Type, click Next

Next Storage on Physical hard drive, leave it with default configuration and click Next.

using virtualbox on windows 8

Leave it with default option and click Next.

Next File location and Size, select path where you want to save file and select size, then click on Create. After that it will creates Virtual Machine.

how to install os using virtualbox

Update file location path and file size allocation for virtual machine.

Then right click on Virtual Machine, settings

how to install backtrack using virtualbox

Right Click on Virtual Machine, and then select Settings.

From Virtual Machine Settings popup window, Click on Storage, then from Storage Tree click on empty CD drive. And from attributes click on CD icon and select Operating System ISO file which you want to install in virtual Machine.

using virtualbox

Select ISO File

After selecting ISO file, click on OK. And then start Virtual Machine.

Using VirtualBox in windows to install Linux

Select ISO file, and click on OK

I hope this article helped you to start Using virtual Machine in windows to install Linux, you can use any linux distribution.

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