How to Use ScrapeBox For Local SEO

How to use Scrapebox for Local SEO, previous i was working on a project which is a business website and needs traffic form their local area. So here in this article I’ll show how I made use of Scrapebox in Local SEO. Screpebox can do a lot of things in SEO, it can give lot of information based what you are searching. I’ll discus more on this later for now I’ll focus on Local SEO using scrapebox.

You need to have a tools called scrapebox and also proxies, I hope you already have these. With scrapebox you can do lot of things in seo. You can use scrapebox for keyword analysis, and you can get backlinks list of a website using scrapebox combined with other free tools.

How to Use ScrapeBox For Local SEO

First of search for the business (keyword) you want to do local seo in their location, Open first ten websites and copy their address from their website (most probably on contact page). Beside their address copy their website also, We need this later.

Using these citations (address), I’ll search for

Here I’m creating a footprint to collect the information. I’ll do it with one website, later you can add for all other websites citation (address). Using scrapebox I’m searching for the address in all search engines expect the website owner to remove website entries.

And also I’m using quotation marks around address to get exact match results and not to get other irrelevant information.

"address with street and flat number" city, pin code, country

For excluding our website which we had copied previously, we need to add it at the end of address with hyphen.

"address with street and flat number" city, pin code, country -

If you want to add extra citations add them one after other.

"address with street and flat number 1" city 1, pin code 1, country 1 -
"address with street and flat number 2" city 2, pin code 2, country 2 -
"address with street and flat number 3" city 3, pin code 3, country 3 -

Then add this footprint in Harvester section and click on start harvesting button, before that be sure to check proxies. If you are not using proxies your account will get banned by google. You won’t be able to access google using your internet ip address.

After clicking on Start Harvesting with in few minutes you will get all the links (time will depend on speed of your proxies). After getting those links, place the citations (address) of your new website on these links.

They will add your business name, address, contact number and website url and you will get a back link from them.

After following these on a client website, I’ve seen good results. So, it will be helpful for you also.

Watch this video for complete instructions.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.