How To Upload Files To WebServer Using FTP Or FileZilla

If you want to know How to upload files to WebServer using FTP or FileZilla and if you don’t know anything, here i’ll show how you can do that. Before proceeding further on uploading files to web server through ftp. You need login credential for ftp, Host Name, User name, password and port of ftp server.

FTP is the file transfer protocol, using ftp we can transfer files from one computer to other, here i’m transferring files from client to server. Client is your computer and the server is web server.

First gather the login credentials to use ftp, from web hosting provider, or the one who is providing web hosting services. Or else if you have cpanel access, you can create ftp username and password through web hosting cpanel.

  1. First download ftp client, You can use FileZilla is a popular ftp client.
  2. After downloading install FileZilla, then launch FileZilla application from programs.
  3. From quick connect toolbar, enter the following details
    • Host Name – this is your domain name (like
    • User Name – this is the user name of your ftp account.
    • Password – this is the password of your ftp account.
    • Port – If your hosting provider, provides any port number fill in here, other wise leave it empty.
  4. Click on quick connect.
  5. From message log section, you can see the result, if it’s connected to server or failed to connect.
  6. If the connection was successful, files from server will be shown on right side panel.
  7. Left side is the local folder structure, and right side is remote files and folders.
  8. Navigate to path where files are located in local hard drives.
  9. Select files and folders from local site side, and drag them to server folder www or public_html.
  10. After dragging files, you can see how many files are in queue, and files uploaded, files still uploading.

After a few minutes, uploading process will be completed, based on size of your files.

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