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Test loading time of website with these tools, some of the tools may give brief results and some of them give full details why your website is slow. By using these tools you will know how your website is performing and how your website speed is? I’ll give brief introduction to each of the tools and how i’ve used to improve page-speed of my website.

1. Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom Website Speed Test tool is the number one tool to analyse your website. After running this test, on the first screen it will show your website page size, loading time, number of requests and the performance grade.

Below that information you can find all the requests, analyse them, check each and every request to improve the page speed, if any of the request is not necessary then remove it, by removing unnecessary requests it’ll improve the page speed.

On the performance grade tab, you can find in which areas your website performing poor, you can improve all those points.

On the page analysis tab, it’ll gives the information about how much time it spent to access specific file and size of each file.

In history tab pindom tools maintain some previous tests data for your website. You can compare your site with previous tests, it’s performing good or bad?

Test Loading time of website with pingdom website speed test

My website speed — Test Loading time of website with pingdom website speed test

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another best tool to analyse website for speed test. This tool shows report for desktops and mobile devices and provides the insights, why it’s not performing well?

  • Server Response Time
  • Code Minified(Minify) or not
  • Is compression Enabled or not?
  • Whether page redirect there are not?
  • Whether images or optimized are not?

and much more…

Fix all issues which has red exclamation icon, after that fix yellow exclamation icon, after fixing those issues you can see the improvement in website page loading time.

I haven’t used below tools, check these tools also.

  2. WebWait
  3. Web Site Optimization – Web Page Analyzer
  4. IWeb Tool Speedtest

wordpress loading slow godaddy
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