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45 Social Bookmarking Sites to Get Quality Backlinks

Social Bookmarking websites can help us to get quality backlinks from these websites. Just register in these high domain authority website and submit your website links to get backlinks. Here I’ve sorted the list based on the Domain Authority.What is Social Bookmarking?What is the social bookmarking definition? As per Wikipedia, Social bookmarking is a centralized […]

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100+ Free Directory Submission Sites for High Quality Backlinks

Directory Submission sites are used to get quality backlinks, below is a list 100+ Quality directory Submission sites. These directory submission websites you should consider submitting your website. These directory submission sites are organized by domain authority from high to low. What is directory submission?Web Directory contains a list of websites organised by category, These websites […]

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Where to Get Free Proxies For ScrapeBox

Where to get free proxies for Scrapebox, you can get free proxies for scrapebox within scrapebox. But using free proxies is not a good choice for harvesting, still you can use it for keyword scrapping kind of things. The problem with free proxies is they won’t work as you think, because lot of other people […]

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How to Use ScrapeBox For Local SEO

How to use Scrapebox for Local SEO, previous i was working on a project which is a business website and needs traffic form their local area. So here in this article I’ll show how I made use of Scrapebox in Local SEO. Screpebox can do a lot of things in SEO, it can give lot […]

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Difference between canonical link element and 301 redirect

Difference between canonical link element and 301 redirect, canonical link element is an html tag and it is used to refer same copy of content with in same website, “canonical url tag” is to help webmasters and site owners eliminate self-created duplicate content in search engine index.  And 301 redirect is used to redirect from one page […]

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