How To Save Website FTP Login Credentials In Filezilla

How to Save website ftp login credentials in filezilla, formally called as site manager in Site Manager in FileZilla. If you use fileZilla a lot, and every time you are logging into each website’s ftp account. Then you can save you ftp login details into fileZilla site manager. When you need, you can easily login with a click of button. You can easily login using quick connect toolbar.

Steps to Save website ftp login credentials in filezilla

For adding ftp details to FileZilla site manager

  1. open up FileZilla application and from FileZilla menu File => Site Manager.
  2. Click on New button.
  3. Enter name for your ftp account, normally this would be your website name.
  4. And from right side panel add your ftp Host Name.
  5. If your hosting provider gives you any Port number, then enter it here otherwise leave it empty.
    Protocol and Encryption leave them with default values.
  6. From Logon Type select list, select Normal.
  7. In User field, enter your ftp account user name.
  8. Then in Password field, enter your ftp account password.
  9. If you want to connect to ftp server click on Connect, otherwise click on Save button to save those details.
  10. From next time onwards when you want to upload files to that Web server, click on site manager icon from FileZilla Toolbar. You can see list of all saved ftp login credentials click on desired profile.
  11. With in few seconds, you will be logged into your Web servers ftp account.
How to Save website ftp login credentials in filezilla

Steps to Save website ftp login credentials in filezilla

If you have any problem while following this guide, feel free to ask me using contact form.

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