Remove Adsense and Analytics when logged into WordPress

If you want to remove Google adsense code and Google analytic’s code when your are logged in and creating new content or working on WordPress theme part. It will create more number of page views when you are working on particular task on website, to overcome this problem there is plugin to remove the adsense and analytic’s code when the user or author is logged in. It will reduce the visits in Google analytic’s and impressions in Google adsense.

Prevent Google AdSense ads from being displayed and remove Google Analytics, while you are logged into your WordPress blog.

Are you sick of generating unwanted Google Adsense and Google Analytics impressions? Just install this simple plugin. When you’re logged into your WordPress blog, the plugin will prevent AdSense ads from displaying and the Analytics tracking code is removed as well.


  • Plugin only affects the display of pages when users are logged into WordPress
  • AdSense ads are not displayed, preventing blog users from generating ad impressions when viewing blog pages
  • AdSense ads are replaced with placeholders with the proper dimensions
  • Google Analytics code is removed, preventing you from generating statistics
  • Plugin should work whether AdSense and Analytics are loaded via plugins or with the WordPress template
  • Given the simplicity of the plugin and its purpose, there are no plugin options

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Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.