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6 Steps to Create Simple PHP Invoice Script in PHP & MySQL

This is a simple PHP Invoice Script in PHP & MySQL. In this script I’m going to work on these functionalities in our PHP Invoice Script. For creating invoice, we need to have customers and products then invoice generation process. Creating invoices involves different process and it’s bit tricky for beginner developers. Follow these below […]

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EMail Verification Script in PHP for Registered User

In this tutorial, you will learn about verifying user email address while user registration. This is continuation part to user registration script. Here, I’m generating a verification code based on username input field value submitted by the user. Because this username is unique. Next sending this verification code through email for that user as a […]

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PHP Login System Using Facebook SDK in 4 Steps

This is simple Login System using Facebook API. You can use this to enable facebook login’s on your website. Before continuing with our Facebook login PHP, you should have facebook developer account. If you don’t have one create it using above link. Your server should support these following system requirements PHP 5.4 or greater The […]

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How to Reverse Words in a Sentence Using PHP

This is a simple tutorial to reverse order words in a Sentence. For example, here I’m taking Hello World to World Hello. To make this happen we have to use some PHP functions. First of all, I’ll convert this string into an array. After that, I’ll reverse the array. Then convert that array into a […]

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11 Simple Steps to Create CRUD Application in PHP & MySQL

This is simple CRUD Application in PHP & MySQL. In this tutorial, you can learn CRUD operations in PHP & MySQL. CRUD stands for create, read, update and delete. Create means inserting data into database using INSERT SQL statement. Read means reading data from database using SELECT SQL statement. Update means updating records using UPDATE […]

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How to Use PHP Mailer – Easy Way

Here I’m going to work on PHP Mailer to send emails. PHP Mailer is one of the most popular open source PHP library to send emails with. Before start using PHP Mailer, we have to download PHPMailer and extract these files inside our project directory to include these files in our project to send emails. […]

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