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8 Simple Steps to Create CRUD Application in OOP PHP

This is simple CRUD Application in OOP PHP (Object Oriented PHP). In this tutorial, you will learn about CRUD operations in OOP PHP. CRUD stands for create, read, update and delete. Create means inserting data into the database using INSERT SQL statement. Read means reading data from database using SELECT SQL statement. Update means updating […]

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Develop Secure Applications with PHP PDO – Ultimate Guide

Develop Secure Applications with PHP PDO, Advantages of choosing PHP PDO is their support for prepared statements which offer important security features. A prepared statement is a template for an SQL query that incorporates value from user input. The prepared statement contains a placeholder for each value that’s stored in a variable. This not only […]

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Learn How to Improve PHP Security with these 6 Steps?

PHP security is the more concerned topic in web application security, In this article, you will learn some techniques that you can use in your applications to fix security issues and improve the overall security of PHP web applications. 1. Input Validation All problems start here If you are not validating & sanitizing user submitted […]

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