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Installing LAMP Stack on CentOS7 Server

Installing & setting up LAMP stack on CentOS7 Linux Server, Here I’ll be showing how to setup Apache, MySql and PHP in CentOS7 Linux Server.You can install PHPMyAdmin in CenOS7. By using PHPMyAdmin, you can manage databases easily. Follow these steps Quick Navigation1. Install Apache Web Server on CentOS72. ​Install MySQL (MariaDB) in CentOS73. Install PHP​​ […]

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4 Powerful Tips to Secure Linux Server in CentOS

Secure Linux Server in CentOs, when you first access your new vps or dedicated server you should follow few steps to make Linux server more secure. First step is creating new user and disabling ssh login for root user, and modifying ssh port other than default port 22. As from the below screenshot, you will […]

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How to use Putty SSH tool

Putty is command line tool for windows. And it is used for connecting to servers from clients computers. Here we will see, how we can use putty SSH tool and how we can connect to server and execute commands in server. how to use putty tool use of putty tool

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Install Apache and PHP5 in Ubunutu Linux

Install Apache and PHP5 in Linux, If you are doing any development on PHP, then you need a PHP development environment in Linux with apache and php. Here I’ll show you process to install Apache, PHP5 and where to find configuration files, where to place your website files. Here I’m doing this Ubuntu Linux, before […]

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Linux Dreamweaver alternative

Linux Dreamweaver alternative, Adobe Dreamweaver is popular application used by many designers and developers to design and develop websites. If you are looking for an alternative to Dreamweaver in Linux, then here are list of application that you can use in Linux Operating System. These are open source applications you can use them in windows, […]

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