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Installing Lamp on Linux Mint

In this tutorial we are installing LAMP in linux mint. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP, for installing lamp open up terminal, update and upgrade the Advanced Packaging Tool repositories. Simply type the following commands in terminal.

[bash] sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade[/bash]

Next we have to install the tasksel, type the command at terminal. When installing tasksel it will prompt you for confirmation.

[bash]sudo apt-get install tasksel[/bash]

After installing the tasksel, run the tasksel and select LAMP Server from the list and select OK.

It will take a while to complete the installation, after completing the installation, it will prompt to enter new MySql password, Enter the password and select OK button.

For now, you have completed installing LAMP Server, now test the installation.

Open up the browser and goto http://localhost, you will be presented with a success message

After testing webserver, we have to test whether MySql is installed or not. Enter this command at terminal

[bash]mysql -u root -p[/bash]

After entering the correct password, you will see screen like this below.

For exiting from the MySql Console, enter quit.

After that if you comfortable with MySql Console it’s ok, Otherwise you have to install PhpMyAdmin.

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