Install module, theme links not showing in drupal admin panel

Install module, theme links not showing in drupal admin panel, if you navigate directly to install module or theme links they will not work it will takes you to modules and themes administration page. This issue is caused by disabling a core module. By re enabling module you can access those links in drupal administration section. To fix this issue just enable the following module from drupal administration panel.

This is the Third part in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7.

Steps to fix Install module, theme links not showing in drupal admin panel

For fixing this issue just enable Update Manager module from core drupal modules section.

  1. Login to drupal admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Administration => Modules
  3. From core section, find Update Manager Module.
  4. Select check-box right before Update Manager module.
  5. Then Scroll down on modules administration page.
  6. Click on Save Configuration button.

It will takes few minutes to save configuration, after that you can find the links to install theme and install modules. Those links will work, now you can install themes and modules form drupal administration section.

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