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How to add Images in WordPress Menu

Here is the simple tutorial for adding images in WordPress menu, Just goto Menu’s in WordPress and add the menus.

Adding Images to WordPress Menus

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus
  • Create a new menu item
  • On the Menus page add a link to custom URL’s, and in the label position add the img as show in the below image.
    [html] <img src="">


  • And after seeing the results i have added some css
    [html] <img style="position:absolute; margin-top:-12px;" src="">
    [/html] wordpress-menu-1
  • Directly we can add styles in img tag in menu label field.

Here is the simple tutorial, I may change the design from time to time, Here is the look of the menu after adding the menus…


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But instead doing this, how about using “CSS Classes”? I think that the best way to add icons into WordPress menu.


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