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How to add file extension to specific programming language, When i’m working on creating drupal module, it has a file extension of .module and it has all the php code. But Zend Studio doesn’t recognize it as php file. For Zend Studio to know .module extension as php file, we need to add .module to php file extension associations.

  1. First open up the Zend Studio.
  2. Then point to Window => Preferences, Zend Studio Preferences window pops up.
  3. Expand General, Under General => Content Types.
  4. After selecting content types, on the right hand side Options will be displayed, Find for the Text Content Type.
  5. Expand Text, Scroll down untill you see PHP Content Type, Select PHP Content Type,
  6. Under that you will see File Associations, Click on the Add button, then Add Content Type Association window pops up.
  7. Add the extension .module and click ok.
  8. After that .module file extension will be added in the list.
  9. After that click on OK, and restart the Zend Studio by going to File Menu => Restart.
Vivek Vengala

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