How to add a cck field in Drupal

How to add a CCK field in Drupal, is an simple article to show how you can add extra content fields in Drupal 7.  First of all you have to install the module cck (content construction kit) if you are using Drupal 6, in Drupal 7 CCK is inbuilt into Drupal core. Content types in drupal are more flexible and extensible. We can add any number of fields to any content type.

This is an article in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7.

Steps to add a cck field in Drupal

  1. Click on Mange fields, From the Structure => Content Types => Article => Manage Fields.
  2. After that enter name of the field and Select the field type and widget type after that click on save.
  3. On next screen, configure the options other wise save with the defaults.

Just navigate to create content for the content type you had added cck field, you will notice a new field will be added to that content type.

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