Google crawls your website in 24 hours using Fetch as Google bot

Google crawls your website in 24 hours using Fetch as Google bot. If you have any latest news and want to crawled by google, and if you want to show it in search index instantly for this google provided a feature in webmaster tools and you can find this as fetch as google bot in webmaster tools interface. After submitting in webmaster tools you page will be crawled withi in 24 hours and also it will show in search results.

For my website it almost included in seach results almost instantly. In your case it may take longer, it depends on how frequently your updating content and how often search bots crawl your website.

To submit your website,

  • Login to webmaster tools.
  • Select the website from list of websites.
  • Navigate to fetch as google bot
  • Then add the URL and click on submit
  • After that it will fetches the URL and gets the data.
  • Next for showing this page in search results, click on submit beside URL.
  • Then from popup select appropriate option and click on submit.

After few minutes or hours navigate to google and search for your site using Then from search tools selct past 24 hours option after that you can see your search result, if it’s not found then it will take some. Wait for some time and do it again.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.