Godaddy Web Hosting Review from a user

Godaddy Web Hosting Review from a user, I’ve been using godaddy since more than one year. And I’ve been running couple of websites on different hosting plans. I’ve used all their hosting plans especially shared hosting plans (Planning to try their VPS hosting plans after that I’ll add a Godaddy VPS review). You can run any type of website on godaddy hosting plan. You can install any content management system.

I’ve seen lot of negative reviews on their hosting. But for me it’s not that bad. If you have basic knowledge about hosting website’s and using hosting control panel, then you can use their services. If you want to depend on their customer support to host your website then better to select another web hosting with good customer support.

Godaddy web hosting review – customer support

First of all I’ll let you know about their customer support.

I’ve contacted godaddy customer support couple of times, to get in touch with their executive it took me more than 30 minutes in working hours. I tried to reach them after 10PM, it took less than five minutes. That’s the trick I found with them.

Godaddy web hosting review – Server Uptime

Godaddy web hosting servers uptime is great. It’s always 99.99%, you can check this websites uptime as of this writing it is hosted with godaddy.

Godaddy web hosting review – e-mail

Godaddy email is not that great, but you can get it for free. If you purchased domain name and hosting with godaddy, you can set-up it for free. And if you want extra space for emails, you can buy it for a low price.

Godaddy Hosting Review – Bandwidth

I’ve hosted a heavy traffic site with godaddy, still I don’t have any problem with them in terms of bandwidth limitation.

Usually that website uses up to 200MB bandwidth in one hour and page load size is 100kb. In a day, it uses bandwidth of approximately 2 Giga Byte’s data, these calculations may based on the traffic. Sometimes it will be more than that.

Godaddy hosting review – Simultaneous visitors

Previously I had written an article onHow many users can access your website on godaddy hosting?.

In this article you can get detailed number of visitors based on the plan.

Server response time

If you are using starter and economic plans then server response time will be slow or if you are on unlimited or ultimate plan then you can expect a good response time for your website.

Godaddy hosting review – Diskspace

Once I was testing a images website, which creates multiple images with different resolutions after uploading an high resolution image. After uploading one image it’s taking upto 20MB to 50MB disk space on server. I’ve uploaded lot of images after few days received an email notification that I’m using lot of disk space, it’s better to upgrade plan to get extra space. At that time I’m using godaddy Deluxe plan.

Before receiving notification, I’m not updating that website. After that also I didn’t do anything, just left it like that all those files are on their webserver.

If you are planning to run a file uploading site, they are not best suitable.


If I forgot anything or do you have anything let me using comment form below.

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