WordPress Users and Roles

Everything about WordPress Users and Roles

Everything about WordPress Users and Roles, this article is about WordPress users and user roles. Here you can learn about core word press user levels. By default WordPress has five user roles, i’ll explain each one of the role and the capabilities of each user role. What are the limitations of their roles and what they are capable of doing in their WordPress Website.

WordPress User Roles

Below are the roles, from low to high.

  1. Subscriber
  2. Contributor
  3. Author
  4. Editor
  5. Administrator
  6. Super Administrator (Multi Site Only)


Subscriber is just an register user or authenticated user, he can read the content and he can comment.


Contributor is more than registered user, contributor can contribute content, but he can’t publish that content. Content that is created by contributor will be review mode.


Author can do everything as contributor, but also author can publish his own content. He can update it delete it. Author can upload files.


Editor can manage any one’s content, editor can create update delete any one’s content. Editor can administer comments, categories, tags and media.


Administrator can do anything. He can manage content, media, categories, tags and everything. He can install plugins, themes

I hope this article helped you to get basic understanding of WordPress user roles.

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