Edit content from front end in WordPress

Edit content from front end in WordPress

Edit content from front end in WordPress. Yes you can do what it mean, without moving to admin panel we can edit content from front end. After publishing content, if you find any typos or if you want to add any extra lines of content, Without going to back-end we can just directly edit it form front end in real time. It also works with comments, excerpts, tags and custom fields. Big time saver.

It makes the same capability checks (depending on the roles does user can edit or not), so that if a user isn’t allowed to edit something in wp-admin, they aren’t allowed to edit it in the front-end either.

Edit content from front end in WordPress

  • From the WordPress admin dashboard, install and enable the plugin Front-end Editor.
  • If you want to change settings, You can find the settings from Settings -> Front-end Editor.
  • Now you can see a edit button like this, in front of title, content area.
  • If you want to edit simply click on edit, and edit the content.
  • After save the changes to post or page by hitting save button.

If you have code with syntax highlighter in any page, don’t edit that page from front-end you may loos all the code or it can change code to < to &lt; > to &lt; quotation mark to &quot;. Only edit post or page that don’t have any code.

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