How to Earn a Living from Blog or Website

How to earn a living from blog or website, If you want to earn money from a website or a blog then this article is for you. I have categorized into three types of all the websites or blog.

Earn money by Selling products or services

First Type is by providing services or by selling products that are physical or digital. Websites like and flipkart make money by selling products either physical or digital, digital products means which can be accessible instantly or downloaded after the purchase.

Simple examples are by selling Pictures, eBooks and software’s any electronic downloadable, Do not sell copyrighted material. Providing Services means you can sell your services like seminars and providing training on specific skills. You can make use of online advertising programs like google adwords to get leads and sales.

Earn by placing third-party ads like google adsense

Second Type is by placing ads provided by third parties like Google adsense and chitika and so on. You can earn money just by placing ads on your website or blog but you should have lots of traffic from search engines like google and also referral traffic. Your earning from third party ads depend on volume of traffic and quality of traffic. If people are visiting for a specific topic then you have a chance of earning extra money, because in that case programs like adsense will show relevant ads so there is a chance of higher CTR and higher CPC. So that means extra earnings for you.

Earn money by referring other products

Third Type is you don’t have to sell products or services and you don’t have to place third party ads. Just refer to the products created by other, if you make a sale then you will get a percentage. It is called as Affiliate marketing. For example you have a website on website hosting reviews, you have a review on a hosting company and someone come from search engines and reads all the review and makes a purchase through the link you placed in that review. Then you will earn a percentage of money form the service provider, you will receive that money into your bank account based on their rules like 15 days or 30 days they will send all the commission you earned through them.


But earning money from blog or website is not that easy, you have to do hard-work don’t expect anything for first six month just do hard work after that you will get paid for your hard-work.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.