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How to Install Drush in Windows

How to Install Drush in Windows, Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. Drush allows you to download, enable, disable, uninstall, update modules/themes/profiles/translations from the command line in a very simple way. The Drush Package Manager also allows you to update all your modules and even Drupal core with just one command.

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Part 3 : Working with Drupal 7 CCK

Working with Drupal 7 CCK, CCK means Content Construction Kit. By default drupal comes with two content types one is Article and the other one is basic page. You can use CCK to create new content types and for adding extra fields to existing content types. Here you will learn, how to create content types […]

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Copy theme URL location on Drupal server

Finding url of a module from drupal.org website, while installing modules or themes in drupal we have two options one is providing the file url location and the other one is uploading file from local computer. But uploading file from local computer is a two step process, first we need to download the file and […]

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How to Fix Clean url’s problem in Drupal

How to Fix Clean url’s problem in Drupal, If you have installed drupal and clean url’s are not enabled, then there is problem with Apache configuration. For clean url’s to work properly in drupal, first apache needs to be configured properly. Even after configuring Apache, if the problem exists then you need to .htaccess file from […]

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