Drupal 7 Administration

Drupal 7 Administration, this is the second part in this series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7. This week i’ll cover the drupal 7 administration. In the part you will get to know administering (managing) drupal from admin panel section. Creating nodes, pages, managing themes, modules. Working with taxonomy terms, creating menus in drupal 7.

This is the Second part in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7.

Drupal 7 Administration Covers


Getting to know drupal 7 admin interface

Here you will get to know drupal 7 admin interface, sections & subsections. What you can find in all those pages, each and every configuration option.


Use-full tools for drupal 7 administration

Use-full modules & themes that will make drupal 7 administration easier, these are the modules that i’m using most often.


Drupal 7 Configuration Options

In Drupal 7 Configuration options i’ll explain all the configuration options that are available in Drupal 7.


Working with themes in Drupal 7

Here i’ll show you install themes, configure, activate them. And other theme specified options.


Selecting Drupal 7 modules for your website

Here i’ll explain on which basis you can select drupal modules from drupal module repository.


Installing & Uninstalling Drupal 7 Modules

Drupal allows us to install modules in different methods, Here i’ll show you all of the methods. And the one important method is using drush to install, enable and uninstalling modules.


Do not’s with drupal modules & themes

What you are not allowed to do with themes and modules


Getting to know drupal blocks

Understanding Drupal blocks, how we can use them in theme and front end, What are capabilities of blocks.


Understanding nodes & pages

Drupal calls every piece of content as nodes, here you will get to know the difference between nodes & pages.


Working with Taxonomy

Drupal Taxonomy is huge concept. I’ll show you at which situations you can use them.


Creating menu’s in drupal 7

Drupal allows us to create menus, this has no restrictions on how much deeper menu can be created. Here we can create long list of multi level menu.

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