Difference bw Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Sever vs Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting is shared environment among all the server users. Shared hosting is like flat in an appartment, where you have to share resources with others. Same like in shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server is better than shared hosting. VPS is like complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses with allocated resources.

Dedicated Server is like an independent house with complete resources, you are the caretaker of everything in your house.

Comparison between Shared Hosting Vs Virtual Private Server vs Dedicated Server


  • Less Expensive
  • No Control Over Server
  • Entry Lever users
  • No Technical Knowldege
  • Low Traffic Websites Only


  • Moderately Expensive
  • Control on allocated Resources
  • Advanced users
  • Technical Knowledge Required
  • For Moderate Traffic Websites


  • Expensive
  • Complete Control Over Server
  • Expert users
  • Technical Knowledge is Must
  • High Volume Traffic Website

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is good option for beginners, which requires no technical knowledge. If you are just starting website this is the good option for you. Without any technical knowledge and expertise you can setup website by following your Webhosting provider instructions. 

Shared Hosting is environment where all users share single server .  Users have separate directories where they can upload their website files. These servers are managed by Hosting service provider, installing server software, server updates, technical support. 

Shared hosting accounts are controlled by software's like cpanel, plesk, directadmin. So, users can access their files by logging into server with their login credentials.

Shared Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to Use
  • No Complications in Setting Up.
  • Best for beginners , since it requires the least amount of tech knowledge investment.


  • Issues with Hosting
  • Don’t have control over everything
  • Contacting service provider for configuration changes.
  • Seems bit slow, for traffic gaining websites.

Recommended Shared Hosting Services : Below are the services that we used in the past.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server - splits the server resources like ram & cpu cycles. You will get the ram & cpu based on the plan you choose. VPS starts from$5 per month but don't go with this plan at least take 2GB of RAM. 

VPS is equally same as dedicated server but with limited resources. For the VPS you will have access with root login, so that you can install any server software that you want to and operating system of your choice.

For VPS, you need to buy software licenses. Where in shared hosting, web hosting provider gives CPanel access. In VPS, you should buy a license to access the server through gui like CPanel. If you are on manged VPS, VPS service provider takes care of everything. But Managed VPS are bit expensive than normal unmanaged VPS services

Virtual Private Server Pros & Cons


  • Can use allocated resources to fullest.
  • Better Performance 
  • Faster Load Times


  • Expensive Compared to Shared Hosting
  • Should handle Technical Aspects
  • Should always keep an eye.

Recommended Virtual Private Server Provider : Below are the services that we used for ourselves and also for clients.

Dedicates Server

Dedicates Servers are like your own infrastructure with complete control over server. These prices depend on your chosen server configuration. You should be technically knowledgeable or you should hire an expert in that field to  manage your dedicated server.

For dedicated servers, there are no limitations on the server resources like RAM, BandWidth, DiskSpace. Server Software License costs are bit more expensive compared to VPS servers.

Dedicates Server Pros & Cons


  • Full Control Over Server Resources
  • Mostly used by popular websites
  • No limitations on server resources like limited bandwidth & diskspace.
  • Good Performance


  • Expensive Compared to Other types of Hosting
  • Need to technically Knowledgeable
  • Should buy software Licenses like C-Panel for Linux servers

Recommended Dedicated Server Providers : These are the services that we used in the past and we are still using.

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