Creating Multistep form processing using PHP

Creating Multistep form processing using PHP

Here we are Creating Multistep form processing using PHP. We are Creating Multistep form processing using PHP by using the sessions, in each step we are storing the data in sessions. We are generating sql query directly from data that is stored in sessions.

We can do this different pages, by passing from one page to another page, still the data is stored in sessions, we can generate sql query from session data.

Creating Multistep form processing using PHP – Steps involved in code

Here in the first step, we are storing zip_code in session, in second step retrieving the data from sessions and displaying it. In the second step we are storing some more data in sessions state, school_name in session.

From the third step, retrieving all the session values and passing one more value through post, then generating the sql query.

From the PHP part, if the submit value is set we are executing separate piece of code for every step.

If you have any problem in Creating Multistep form processing using PHP let me know through comment form below.

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Hey Vivek,
First I must say thank you for posting this guide on multistep form processing, after days of search I finally found your guide that works, however I have encounter one problem, the form process perfectly when using Google Chrome and Safari but not in IE, Firefox and Opera…. The first step does show up when first loading of the webpage but when clicking the button to go to step two the webpage refresh and load but without the step two part of the form, you can see this by viewing the URL include in your website text box of this form…or this link, sfs-testserver[dot]com/sites/HML, Any advice in how to solve this error will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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