Creating Child Theme in WordPress

Creating child theme in WordPress is so simple, first select the parent theme that you want to use, after that create a folder with the name for the child theme, and create a style.css file and then add the following code.

[css] /*
Theme Name: Twenty Ten Child Theme
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for the Twenty Ten theme
Template: twentyten
Version: 0.1.0

Theme Name is the name of the theme that appears on the WordPress admin dashboard
Theme URI is the url of the theme, if you are giving away this theme.
Description is the details that appear on the WordPress admin dashboard
Author – who is the owner of the theme
Template – this is important name the parent theme directory
Version is the version number that appear in the dashboard..

After adding the above code login to WordPress dashboard and go to appearance-> themes, you can see the newly created child theme, this is the beginning of the creating child themes. You can do lot of things using child themes.

You can import the css file from the parents theme just by adding @import or this line of code.

[css]@import url("../twentyten/style.css");[/css]
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