How To Create a PHP Development Environment

How to create a PHP Development Environment, for simple PHP Development Environment you need Web Server and an IDE of your choice, and the next one is debugger like xdebugger. And if you want to create advanced PHP Development Environment then you should go with Linux, if you are not familiar with linux then you can start using it with virtual machines, with help of virtual machines you can run Linux on your computer without switching to other computer or operating system.

1. Web Server

First One is Web Server if you are using Windows then you can use WAMP or XAMPP, for linux you can use LAMP

For installing WAMP server in windows a step by step guide

For creating a database

If you face any problem in starting WAMP server in windows

Installing Lamp Web Server in Linux, you can follow this procedure in any Linux through terminal.


Next you need to choose PHP IDE, For a list of IDE refer this post

If you don’t know how to install netbeans in linux, here is step by step guide to install netbean in linux

3. Virtual Machines

If you are using Windows for development, then you can try linux by using virtual machines without leaving windows entirely.

There are lot of other virtual machines available, but these two are best i’ve used.

4. PHP Debugger

PHP Debuggers are used to find errors, You can start with Xdebug

I hope this article helped you create PHP Development Environment.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.