How To Create FTP Account From Web Server Hosting cPanel

How to create ftp account from web server hosting cpanel, this is simple tutorial to show how you can create an ftp account from your web hosting cpanel. Here i will takes you through the steps of creating an ftp account or to view an existing ftp account details within your web hosting cpanel. Before proceeding you must need Web Hosting account. Rf you are a beginner, Careful with your hosting panel single blind mistake can mess up your entire website.

Steps to create ftp account from web server hosting cpanel

Before starting login to your web hosting cpanel account.

  1. After login, then from Files section click on FTP Accounts.
  2. In this page, you can see existing ftp accounts or you can add new ftp accounts. Here in my case i don’t have any existing accounts.
  3. From Add FTP Account section, you can create new ftp account.
  4. In Login field, enter your desired login name.
  5. In Password field, enter your secured password again fill it in Password (again) field.
  6. If you don’t have secure password, you can create it using Password Generator.
  7. Then enter the Directory Name, if you want to access specific directory or folder with that ftp account enter directory name other wise leave it empty. If you leave it empty you can access all files in your web hosting account with that ftp account.
  8. After that assign the Quota, if you want to limit that account with some limited space then assign otherwise if you are the one using it then you can assign unlimited.
  9. After that click on Create FTP Account button.
How to create ftp account from web hosting cpanel

Steps to create ftp account from web hosting cpanel

After few seconds your FTP account will be created, please do note ftp login details, if you forgot login credentials then you have to reset password again from Web hosting control panel. Keep your FTP credentials in safe place. If anybody have access them, then they can do anything with your website.

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