How To Create a Database In Web Server Hosting CPanel

How to create a database in Web Server Hosting CPanel, Here i’m creating a database in Web Hosting Control Panel. Before proceeding with this one first check with your web hosting provider, whether you can create database or not. If you are able to create it login to Web Hosting Control panel, then follow these steps. If you are a beginner, careful while accessing cpanel or take help from an expert.

Steps to create a database in Web Server Hosting CPanel

For creating a database in Web Server Hosting Control Panel, it involves of three steps.

  1. Create a Database
  2. Create a Database User
  3. Add user to Database

1. Create a Database

  1. First login to Web Hosting Control Panel.
  2. After login from Control panel home page, Search for Databases section. In that click on MySql Databases icon.
  3. On the next screen you have all options, you can create, view all databases and database users.
  4. For creating database, find for section named Create New Database.
  5. In this section, you can find input field beside New database Label. Enter the database Name.
  6. Then click on Create Database Button.
    After few minutes your database will be created and you can find your database under Current Databases Section

    Create a Database

    Step One : Create a Database

2. Create a Database User

  1. Next Create Database User, if you already have one then you can skip to third step and add user to database.
  2. From MySQL users section, find Add New User section.
  3. Then fill in the fields Username filed, this is the username of Database user.
  4. Next one is password field, this is database password. On next field password again, fill it again.
  5. Then click on Create User button.
    After a few minutes your database user will be created.

    Create a Database User

    Step Two : Create a Database User

3. Add User to Database

  1. Then assign user to database. Under MySQL users, find Add user to Database section.
  2. From User select list, Select Database user that you have created.
  3. From Database select list, Select Database that you have created.
  4. Click on Add button.
  5. Then it will takes you to manage privileges page. Select the check boxes or else select ALL PRIVILEGES check box.
  6. Then click on Make Changes button.
    Add User to Database

    Step Three : Add User to Database

After completing all these three steps, now you can access that database with the user name and password. If you have any problem in creating a database in your web server let me know by using below comment form.

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