How To Create a Database Using PHPMyAdmin In Localhost

How to create a database using PHPMyAdmin in Localhost, this is a simple tutorial for creating a database in localhost or local development environment. First of all you need to have XAMPP or WAMP in your Computer. If you already had installed then start WAMP or XAMPP server. After that you can follow below steps to create database using PHPMyAdmin in Localhost or local web server.

Steps to create a database using PHPMyAdmin in Localhost

First of all launch local web server, probably XAMPP or WAMP.

  1. After that Open your web browser, navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  2. Then click on Databases tab.
  3. In the next page, you will get option to Create a Database and input field for entering Database name. Fill database name. After that click on Create button
  4. After a few seconds a popup success message will be displayed.
  5. Then you can view your database from list of tables.

You can use this database in any of the project and HostName is “localhost“, by default MySQL user is “root” and no password.

If you have any problem, while creating a database using PHPMyAdmin in Localhost let me know by using below comment form.

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