How to Choose Drupal Modules

How to Choose Drupal Modules, Drupal has thousands of modules in drupal project repository, If you have specific requirement, for that requirement if you found two or three modules how can you select the module from the three modules. I’ll decide the module whether to use or not use from drupal project module page itself. Drupal module page shows lot of information. Check for these points from the module page.

How to Choose Drupal Modules is an article in the series of Step by step guide to learn drupal7.

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These are the points, i’ll check when I need to select a new module. Not everyone will check all of them, but make sure to check maintenance status.

  1. Is it actively Maintained or not?
  2. When the module is published.
  3. Check for the Development Status also.
  4. Number of Downloads.
  5. Reported Installs.
  6. When it’s last committed (updated)
  7. Check the open issues

Maintenance Status

Maintenance status shows whether module is actively maintained by their developers or not? It should show actively Maintained as status.

How to Choose Drupal Modules Step Two

How to Choose Drupal Modules Step Two


Published Date

First of all i’ll check to see module published date. To find whether module is new or existing from a long time. You can find published date below module title

How to Choose Drupal Modules Step One

How to Choose Drupal Modules Step One


Development Status

Check development status, Development Status means the module is available for future releases of drupal core. This should be Under active development Status. Then only it will be available for future releases of drupal core otherwise it’s not supported.


Number of Downloads

This is an optional step, check the number of downloads, that will shows popularity of module. This download count is the number of individuals downloaded module.


Reported Installs

This is the number of sites which are using this module. You can find link View usage Statics. On this page it’ll shows all the information from first published module date.


Issues & Bugs

Check to see the number of issues and bugs. And how many open issues are there for the module.

After anlysing the module with above checklist, you can decide whether to use specific module or not to use that module.

I hope this article helped you to make decision whether to choose or not to choose a module. If you are interested to learn more about drupal 7 please follow the series Step by step guide to learn drupal7 by subscribing to newsletter or get latest news and updates by following us on twitter & facebook. If you have any feedback please let us know by using comment form.

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