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Number input in HTML5 Forms

Number input in HTML5 Forms, number type indicates to the browser that the field is expecting numeric input. In this article you can learn more about number input type field. This field type can also be used with the min, max, and step attributes to provide additional UI features to help the user select a […]

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HTML5 Form new input field types

HTML5 Form introduced lot of new features like input field types and validating input fields without even using JavaScript or jquery. There are lot of different types of field types for text, search, email, url and colour selector, date picker, for telephone numbers and number ranges. If you want to learn HTML5 form validation.

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HTML5 form validation

HTML5 form validation, validating forms in HTML5 is simple and easy just add the attributes to input fields, they will take care of validations. First what we need most is making a field mandatory for that we can just use an attribute to any type of input fields that is required attribute. And the next […]

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