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Display Image With jQuery OnMouseOver

Display image with jquery OnMouseOver, Here I’m using two images, If anybody is Hovering on one image then second image will be displayed, rest of the time second image will be hidden. And coming to HTML markup, I’ve one div inside that i’m using one span with an id of #pop-up. It has one more div with […]

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HTML5shiv is used to enable styling of HTML5 elements in versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 9. If you are not using this HTML5shiv, then HTML5 tags won’t work on browsers which are less than Internet Explorer 9. This HTML5shiv some people call this with name of “HTML5shim”, but there is no difference between […]

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Basic PhotoShop Introduction

Basic PhotoShop Introduction, In this article you will learn Basic things that you need to learn in Photoshop CS5. Understanding Photoshop interface, Opening a file in Photoshop, creating a file in Photoshop. How to save a file in different file formats using Photoshop. Understanding difference between foreground and background colour in Photoshop.

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