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PHP PDO Prepared Statements

Intro to Prepared Statements : Binding Values Prepared statements use placeholders for values that are coming from external sources such as an online form. You can bind values to placeholders using the bindParam or bindValue methods. PDO has the option of using either named or anonymous parameters in prepared statements. We’ll begin by looking at […]

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Deleting Records with PDO

1. Deleting Records with PDO Here in this step, you will learn about delete query. Delete query is also same as select SQL query. Instead of the select query, you can use the delete SQL query. With exec method, you will get no of affected rows.

After executing the above code, you will get […]

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Inserting Records with PHP PDO

Here in this step, you will learn about inserting and deleting records with PDO. You will also learn about getting last insert id with PDO. Here I’m going to use two PDO methods that are query method and exec method to insert and delete queries and also you will learn about the difference between query […]

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Fetching Records with PHP PDO

Here in this step, you will learn about fetching records from the database. You will learn about different methods available in PDO to fetch results from the database. First of all, you will see about fetch method. After that fetch all method then fetch column method and getting the number of rows in result with […]

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PHP PDO Basics

In this step, you will learn about basic operations in PHP PDO that is connecting to the database with PDO and also writing first SQL query, displaying error messages efficiently in PHP PDO. you will learn these 3 topics in this step with PHP PDO. Other Articles in Learn PHP PDO PDO Basics Fetching Records […]

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