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HTML Table Border

HTML Table Border is an border attribute to table tag in HTML. By using this border attribute we can add and remove border attribute. You can add table border using this border attribute for table, if you want to add different styles of borders then you can do this by using css border property. If […]

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HTML5 doctype declaration – !DOCTYPE html

HTML5 doctype declaration – Document type declaration is the first line in any html document, it lets know browser what version of HTML we are using on that page. You can check any webpages doctype by viewing source code (Ctrl + U), check the first line that’s the doctype declaration. If you check this page’s […]

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HTML Link are two types one is link that is used in head section and the other one is anchor link. Link tag is used to link external style sheets or css files. And anchor link is to add links to pages within websites or to external websites. The <a> is an anchor tag and […]

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