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Working with Caches in Drupal 7

Working with Caches in Drupal 7, If you have made any changes to theme or module, that doesn’t effect website until clearing the caches. Cache means temporary stored files on disk, instead of processing all the data from web server to database and rendering it to browser. Drupal creates a cached copy of your website […]

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Getting to know Drupal 7 Administrative Interface

Drupal 7 Administrative Interface, this is where any drupal user can create content, update content and configure any other options like installing modules configuring themes. Drupal has already has clean and neat Administrative user interface. In this drupal administration series you will learn every possible thing that you can do with in drupal administrative interface. […]

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Use drush to install and enable modules in drupal

Use drush to install and enable modules in drupal, Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. By using Drush it will be easier to install, enable, disable, uninstall modules themes. The Drush Project Manager allows you to download, enable, disable, uninstall, update modules/themes/profiles/translations from the command line in a very simple […]

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Working with Drupal 7 Modules

Modules are great way to extend Drupal 7. Here you’ll learn how to install, enable, update, disabling and uninstalling a module. Currently drupal has nearly 25,000 modules as of December 2013. If you want to find any module navigate to https://drupal.org/project/project_module, search for the module based on your criteria.

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Working with Themes in Drupal 7

Working with Themes in Drupal 7, Like any other CMS drupal allows us to use themes, the best use of themes is we can simply change design of any drupal website by changing theme. Drupal providing nearly two thousand free themes as of December 2013. Here you will learn different ways of installing themes, and […]

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Working with blocks in Drupal 7

Working with blocks in Drupal 7, Blocks are type of content that can be placed on any region of website, such as footer or sidebar on front end of your website. Any block can be moved from sidebar to footer and footer to sidebar easily by drag and drop. Normally these blocks can be visible […]

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Working With Menus in Drupal 7

Drupal allows us to create navigational links through menu module. Through this we can create multi level menus, In these menus we can add different types of navigational items like nodes, pages, content types, views, taxonomy terms or any other items. After creating a menu, it will create a block with the same name as […]

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How to Choose Drupal Modules

How to Choose Drupal Modules, Drupal has thousands of modules in drupal project repository, If you have specific requirement, for that requirement if you found two or three modules how can you select the module from the three modules. I’ll decide the module whether to use or not use from drupal project module page itself. Drupal […]

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Part 2 : Drupal 7 Administration

Drupal 7 Administration, this is the second part in this series of Step by step guide to learn drupal 7. This week i’ll cover the drupal 7 administration. In the part you will get to know administering (managing) drupal from admin panel section. Creating nodes, pages, managing themes, modules. Working with taxonomy terms, creating menus […]

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