Can’t Login, access to WordPress "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance"

Can’t Login, access to WordPress “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”

Can’t Login, access to WordPress “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”, While upgrading WordPress core or any plugin, if upgrade fails you will get an error message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”. You are not able to access front end as well as WordPress back-end. Here are solutions for fixing this issue.

First solution is removing .maintenance file, second solution is rename plugin folder, third solution is remove all activated plugins from PHPMyAdmin.


Removing .maintenance file

You can find this file in WordPress root directory. And the file name is .maintenance just remove this file, then you should see your website and you can access your back-end.


Rename plugin folder

If you are upgrading any plugin, if that upgrade fails. Then login to your ftp account navigate to wp-content/plugins/your-plugin-directory and rename that folder or remove it. Then this should work, if that still doesn’t work for you follow next procedure.

Note: Before upgrading any plugin, deactivate plugin. So that plugin upgrade will be successful.

Remove all activated plugins from PHPMyAdmin

This is another process to fix this issue of upgrading plugins, to fix this issue login to PHPMyAdmin from your web hosting control panel. And go to wp_options table (wp is the suffix of your table). On page you can see active_plugins record (it will be around 30-40), edit this record and from option_value remove entire data and save it. Then you can see your website.

Now go to plugins section and activate each plugin manually. If all the above solutions are not working for you let me know.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.

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