The Best 10+ Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The Best 10+ Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Inquiry forms or WordPress Contact Form are like a bridge between site visitor to website admin. It fills the gap between these two end point users. Contact forms let users give genuine feedback about the website, collecting user information, surveys, member event registrations. There are lots of things we can use WordPress Contact forms for.

There are more than thousand WordPress contact form plugins. Based on my experience I’ve listed best Contact Form WordPress Plugins that I used, most of them are free. Still, I’ve included some paid plugins who are looking for advanced features.

1. Jetpack’s Contact Form Module – Free

If you are using WordPress website for a while, you may already aware of Jetpack Plugin. If not install it right now. Jetpack WordPress plugin has 30+ modules that cover from site stats to security, speeding up images.

Jetpack’s Contact Form Module is a simple and powerful module that helps to collect feedback from visitors. You can add the form directly from posts/pages editing screen. You can customize the form with simple drag and drop form builder. You can build contact forms of your requirement with Jetpack Contact Form Module easily.

Pros of Jetpack Contact Form Module

  • It’s free
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Simple Drag and Drop Builder
  • Spam Protection with Akismet

Cons of Jetpack Contact Form Module

  • No Cons from my end. Because this plugin is best suitable for Collecting user information.

2. Contact Form 7 – Free

Contact Form 7 is one of the widely popular WordPress plugin with 60+ million downloads and 5+ million active installs. Almost 40 Languages Supported. Contact form 7 is one of the most used plugin and it is free. Contact Form 7 can be integrated with another add-on plugin, which will extend the functionality of Contact Form 7 Plugin to do other things beyond basic Contact Form 7 can do.

Contact Form 7 Supports AJAX submission, it also supports captcha & Akismet spam filtering. To use Contact Form 7, you should know at-least basic HTML. Because you can only build forms with HTML, although there are few buttons to generate the code for you inside Contact Form 7. You should have little bit knowledge about HTML.

You can create multiple forms with Contact Form 7, with the help of WordPress shortcode you can display these contact forms in any number of pages/posts.

You can extend the functionality of Contact Form 7 with other plugins. Because of Contact Form 7 popularity, you can find a lot of Contact form 7 Addon plugins to extend the features.

Pros of Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

  • It’s free
  • A lot of 3rd party addon plugins
  • AJAX Form Submission
  • Spam Protection with captcha & akismet
  • All the possible form input types are available

Cons of Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

  • HTML Knowledge Required

3. Visual Form Builder – Free

Visual Form Builder as the name suggests it’s a Visual Builder for Forms. With the help of drag and drop builder, you can create the forms. In Visual Form Builder, a vast number of input fields are available.

It also stores all the form entries into WordPress database, these form entries can be monitored from WordPress dashboard. And can be exported to CSV file for later usage.

4. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms – Freemium

Caldera Forms is one of the powerful WordPress Contact Form which is free. Caldera Forms is also a drag and drop form builder. You can setup your forms with columns using this plugin. You can use conditional logic based on user response.

For example, if a user wants to get a callback from you. The user will choose Yes from the radio button, then only phone number input field will be displayed. Otherwise, the user won’t see the phone number input field and don’t have to enter the number. You can do a lot more advanced things with Caldera Forms, it’s up to your imagination & creativity.

One more example is if the user agrees to terms and conditions. That is selecting the terms checkbox, then only submit is enabled to proceed further.

With Caldera Forms, you can create multi step or multi page forms. After form submission, you can create an autoresponder to send a reply. After form submission, you can redirect the user to thank you page.

All these form submissions are stored in WordPress database. We can view all these form entries from WordPress Plugin Admin area.

Pros of Caldera Forms

  • It’s Free
  • Drag and Drop Visual Builder for creating forms
  • Multiple Columns Layout Option
  • Advaced Conditional Logic
  • Form submissions are stored in WordPress database

Cons of Caldera Forms

  • Addons for Caldera Forms are paid

5. Ninja Forms – Freemium

Ninja Forms is one of the top WordPress Contact Form Plugin available for free. Ninja Forms core plugin is free, if you want to add other addon features like paypal & stripe payments, MailChimp integration. You have to pay for all these addons, it ranges from $29 to $129. There are over 40+ addons available, these are officially available to check out from Ninja Forms website.

Ninja Forms is easy to use, no coding knowledge is required. You can build forms with drag and drop form builder. There is no limit on the form fields or the forms that you can create. Ninja Forms also supports AJAX based form submission.

Ninja Forms stores all the form submission entries in WordPress Database, that you can view later from WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Pros of Ninja Forms

  • Ninja Forms is Free
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • AJAX Form Submission
  • Form Entries Stored in WordPress Database
  • Extend Ninja Forms Functionality with Premium Addon Plugins

Cons of Ninja Forms

  • Addons for Ninja Forms are paid

6. Fast Secure Contact Form – Not Available

Fast Secure Contact Form is Simple and easy to use WordPress Contact Form Plugin, it is also widely used and popular plugin in WordPress. It has simple user interface with drag and drop functionality to create forms. By using Fast Secure Contact Form plugin you can create multiple forms.

You can use these forms in pages/posts using shortcodes. This plugin helps to create meetings & appointments and it comes with security features like spam protections using captcha, Akismet.

Pros of Fast Secure Contact Form

  • Fast Secure Contact Form is Free
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop Builder
  • Can use for Meetings & Appointments
  • Spam protection with captcha & akismet

Cons of Fast Secure Contact Form

  • No addons are available to extend fast secure contact form fucntionality

7. Contact Form – Free

Contact Form is Free WordPress plugin with an pro version contact form which is paid supports a lot of advanced options. For simple contact form you can choose this plugin. This plugin suports multi column display of forms, you can create multiple forms with this plugin. By using shortcodes, this form can be loaded in pages/posts/widgets.

Pros of Contact Form

  • Easy to use
  • It’s available for free

Cons of Contact Form

  • Advanced options not available & no addons

8. WPForms – Freemium

WPForms is one of the advanced plugins and it is widely used among WordPress users. It come with a lite version which is free and a pro version which is paid with advanced features like payment options and conversion rate optimization.

WPForms has a very good drag and drop user interface to build advanced contact forms, it also comes preloaded with contact form templates available.

WPForms is easy to use and it does not require any technical knowledge. It supports all the security features and more.

Pros of WPForms

  • WPForms Lite version is available for free
  • Drag and drop form builder with easy options

Cons of WPForms

  • You have to pay for advanced features

9. Pirate Forms – Free

Pirate Forms is one of the simplest contact form plugin in WordPress. With any plugin you have create the forms or you have to configure to work. Pirate Forms works out of the box on installing the plugin. Just use the shortcode or php code to include it any page/post/widget.

It is the best suitable plugin for simple contact forms in WordPress. There are no customization options available in this plugin. Stores all the entries in database.

Pros of Pirate Forms

  • It’s free plugin
  • Works out of the box
  • Stores entries in WordPress Database

Cons of Pirate Forms

  • No Advanced options
  • Can only be used for simple contact form.

10. Formidable Pro – Freemium

Formidable Pro is a WordPress contact form plugin with Formidable Forms lite version and a pro version. Pro version offers a lot of advanced features. You can even use Formidable Forms lite version to create contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, and any other forms you imagine.

In formidable Forms lite version also protects from spam form submission by using captcha.

Pros of Gravity Forms

  • Free version also available.
  • Easy to use form builder
  • You can use this plugin for creating contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, and any other forms you imagine

Cons of Gravity Forms

  • You have to pay for pro version plugin.

11. Gravity Forms – Paid

Gravity Forms is known among wordpress users for their advanced functionality. With Gravity Forms plugin you can create surveys, quizes, user registration, shopping cart, invoice and other advanced forms. Gravity Forms is paid plugin there are no free version available for gravity forms.

If you want to create forms with advanced functionality then you can go with Gravity Forms, it’s number one choice. Otherwise, you can use other free plugins available.

With Gravity Forms, you can create unlimited forms with unlimited fields. You can even integrate payment gateways like PayPal to accept payments while registration.

Pros of Gravity Forms

  • Powerful Contact Form with Advanced Features
  • Easy to use with Drag and Drop Form Builder

Cons of Gravity Forms

  • No Free version available

Conclusion – Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

From above plugins, you can use any of them based on your requirement. Every plugin in this list is the best plugin that supports a vast number of features. Based on your skillset and requirement you can choose the best plugin. If you don’t know which plugin to use, then go with Jetpack’s Contact Form module. It is easy to setup for beginners.

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