Best Android apps for blogging

Best Android apps for blogging, This list of Android apps are useful for bloggers. Now a days everyone is using smartphones and tablets. By using these applications you can collect any post ideas, or you can save content for offline reading so that you can read content while you are travelling. You can get updates about other websites and you can track your website visitors and analyze them while on the go.

I will use these tools when I’m not in front of computer. I will not publish article from my smartphone but I will use it for capturing post ideas, And for reading content and also for keeping tack of website visitors.

The first and best tool I use



Pocket is the tool which i’ll use daily, because on daily basis i’ll read alot of information. While sitting on computer i can’t read each and every sentence. I will scan article if it’s good, then i’ll save to my pocket account. Then i’ll read it on the go, where ever i’m free i will take out my smartphone opens pocket. One of the best features about pocket is it’s web based application. If you save it into pocket account using desktop, it will be synced to your smartphone or tablet. You can access all saved content from their website also.

This is their official video

Evernote also best tool i’ll use this app on regular basis, when I’ve any post ideas or thoughts i will instantly write this into Evernote. It will be synced across all your devices.

Official Video



Writer is also same like Evernote, But it’s offline that means it doesn’t have any cloud support. And it has less distraction with simple user interface.

Download Writer app from Play store



Normally any blogger would use WordPress for their Blogging platform. You can use this for managing comments or for creating new post. It’s good to keep it in your list.

Download WordPress app from Play store



Chrome browser i will use this to sync my history and bookmarks across all devices. so i can revisit those websites later, when i need them.

Download Chrome app from Play Store



Feedly is rss reader for android, You can get latest updates from blogs that you follow. The best feature of feedly is it has inbuilt browser, so you don’t have to leave feedly to ready full article. And it’s cloud based app you can add feeds on your computer on official feedly website and they will be synced to you Smart Phone.

Download Feedly app form play store


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is official application from google team. You can use this application to track visitors what are updates about your traffic.

Download Google Analytics app from Play Store



You can use twitter to get in touch with your followers or for staying up to date with trends. You can use this for tweeting and retwetting anything that you like.

Download Twitter app from play store


Facebook pages manager

By using Facebook Pages Manager, you can get in touch with your fans and post new updates. You can create new post or publish images, you can actively reply to comments.

Download Facebook Pages Manager from Play Store



We can use pinterest to get updates and to post new things on pinterest.

Download Pinterest from Play store


Google Adsense

If you use adsense on your blogs, you can check your earnings with in this applicaion, and it has widget also. This is official application from google adsense.

Download Pinterest from Play Store



If you share files alot then this is useful app, you can upload any type of file and it will be synced on all devices.

Download Dropbox from play store

If you have any other best Android applications, please let us know by using comment from.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.