How to Access Godaddy database remotely?

How to access Godaddy database remotely? If you want to access a database from remotely or by third party applications like Toad for MySQL. Then you need to configure the database before even creating the database. Toad for MySQL is an application to manage database, by using this tool you can join multiple tables through user interface and generate complex SQL queries without even writing single line of code.

Here I’ll show you how you can access Godaddy database remotely. You can’t enable remote database access for existing database, it can only be applied to new databases. It is not secure to enable remote database access.

Follow these steps to access Godaddy database remotely

  • Navigate to Godaddy web hosting control panel.
  • From the Databases Menu click on MySQL.
  • From Manage Databases popup windows, click on add button to create a new database.
  • Fill in all your database details as usual.
  • With in Add a MySQL Database popup window, you can find collapsed link of Advanced options. Click on that, then you can find radio button option Allow direct access? here select yes radio button.
    Access Godaddy database remotely

    Access Godaddy database remotely

  • Click on OK button to create remotely accessible godaddy database

After creating database, get the information like database host, database name, database username, database password. If necessary take port number to access database. Enter all these details any other third party applications like Toad for MySQL.

Vivek Vengala

Vivek Vengala is a Online Entrepreneur, Web Developer from Hyderabad India.