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Server setup in Linode, Here you will find steps to setup Linode server in within few minutes. I think you have Linode account if you don't have create an account.

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1.​ Setup & Boot Linode Server

Login to your account

i. Select the Plan & datacenter, then click on ​Add this Linode

Linode SetUp Step 1

After that within few seconds, your linode will be created.

Linode SetUp Step 2

ii. Click on your Linode number or on the dashboard link.

Linode SetUp Step 3
You will be navigated to Linode server dashboard.

iii. To build your server click on Rebuild link or Deploy an Image

On rebuild screen, you get the option to select operating system & Disk size, SWAP Disk and password. Select operating system and enter password for your Linode (this password will be used to login to server via SSH or CPanel)

Linode SetUp Step 4

After that, under 60 seconds your virtual private server setup is completed.​ You are ready to start (boot) the server for the first time.

Linode SetUp Step 5

iv. Click on Boot button to turn on the VPS machine, you just created.

Linode SetUp Step 6

Click Ok button, in popup box.

Linode SetUp Step 7

​v. Login to SSH

Server will boot instantly. You can now login to Your VPS server using SSH and setup web server & launch your website, you can follow the below steps.

2. Update Software Packages.​

For updating packages in CentOS7, follow these command after login to SSH.

​Enter below command in SSH terminal

yum update​
Linode SetUp server update packages

After that it will ask for confirmation, type y and hit enter button.

Linode SetUp server update packages

It will take few minutes to download & install  the updates.

Linode SetUp server update packages

After installing all the updates, you can see message like this below.​

Linode SetUp server update packages

Server software package updates are done, next we need to setup HostName.​

3. Setup Hostname & TimeZone​

i. Set Host Name in CentOS 7​

Here I'm Setting up HostName for CentOS7. HostName is the name of the machine. We need to edit couple of files to setup HostName. Follow these below steps.

​Enter any of these below commands, you will get the default configuration values.

$ hostnamectl
## OR ##
$ hostnamectl status​

You will see these below values.

Linode SetUp server hostname

Use these commands to changes the hostname, I'll be using server1.codingcyber.com as hostname. In place of Your-New-Host-Name-Here, use your hostname.

# hostnamectl set-hostname Your-New-Host-Name-Here --static​

​After executing above command, if you want to check the hostname status again.

​You will see the updated value.

Linode SetUp server hostname

Now we have successfully changed hostname of CentOS7 Linux VPS server. Next we need to set TimeZone.

​ii. Set Time Zone

​Using date command we can check which timezone it is in. See below ScreenShot

Linode SetUp server timezone

Next We need to update the timezone, for that we need to know the timezone. To know your timezone use these below commands.

timedatectl list-timezones
##*** Grep possible Asian timezones ***##
timedatectl list-timezones | grep Asia​

​After selecting your timezone, use this below command. My time zone is Asia/Kolkata

​timedatectl set-timezone time_zone
​timedatectl set-timezone America/Kolkata

If you want to check the timezone, use date function to check.

Linode SetUp server timezone

4. Installing WebServer Applications

There are two ways to setup web server, you can setup using LAMP stack or by using CPanel. For using CPanel, you need renewal licence every month. Even without license you can try CPanel for 15 days. Check your IP address eligible for free trail or not.

i. LAMP Stack

I've installed CentOS 7, on my Linode VPS. Now I'll Install LAMP Stack​

ii. CPanel​

If you have any problem in setting up Linode Virtual Private Server, Let me know using comment form.

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