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Create a simple plugin to add shortcode

Create a simple plugin to add shortcode, this is a simple plugin for generating a shortcode in plugin. For this first we need to create a plugin file or files. Navigate to wp-content/plugins directory create a file with the name of shortcodeplugin.php. After creating this files open this file in file editor. Then add below […]

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Everything about WordPress Users and Roles

Everything about WordPress Users and Roles, this article is about WordPress users and user roles. Here you can learn about core word press user levels. By default WordPress has five user roles, i’ll explain each one of the role and the capabilities of each user role. What are the limitations of their roles and what […]

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Creating simple WordPress theme in an hour

Creating simple WordPress theme in an hour is a video series guide in different parts, so that you can watch one by one. In this theme i’m creating child theme and adding styles as per html theme. I’m using child theme is because you don’t have to worry about theme functionality, it works with all […]

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Working With plugins in WordPress

Working With plugins in WordPress, this is simple article for basic users on how to install modules and how to activate modules. Here i will takes you through different possible methods to install plugins in WordPress and plugin activation. Before proceeding with WordPress plugin installation, you need to have a working WordPress installation. Then continue […]

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Step by step guide to WordPress Installation

Step by step guide to WordPress Installation , Here you will learn how to install WordPress in Localhost and on Live Server. And the steps that you can install WordPress. First of all download WordPress core & place those files in webserver and run the WordPress installer. Before continuing with WordPress installation, install WAMP server […]

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WordPress Database Structure

WordPress is written using PHP as its scripting language and MySQL as its database management system. For using WordPress you don’t need to learn php & MySQL, but if you have basic understanding of how it works that will be enough to solve any problems that you will get into. Here in this article you […]

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