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PHP Array to String conversion, if you want to convert an array into string then you can achieve this by using implode function. Or if you wan to create any specific string from an array then read this article Automating process of forms and generating sql queries in PHP, in that article by using implode function I’m generating an sql query from POST array. Here in this I’ll show how to create different types of string using PHP implode function.

Simple code snippets for PHP Array to String

First of all I’ll convert an array to string with spaces using implode function. Before that we will see syntax of implode function.

implode($separator, $array);

$separator is the comma or quotation mark or hyphen to separate the text, $array is array of string which are to be separated.

Separate an array into string using space.

$array = array('this','is','an','array', 'to', 'string', 'converted', 'text');
echo implode(&quot; &quot;,$array);
//output is this is an array to string converted text

The output will be simple string with spaces.

If you want to separate it by comma or any other, just replace with that symbol in first argument of implode function. The only difference between both codes is just coma in first argument

$array = array('this','is','an','array', 'to', 'string', 'converted', 'text');
echo implode(&quot;, &quot;,$array);
//output is this, is, an, array, to, string, converted, text, 

If you want to convert PHP Array to String in any other formats let me know by using comment form.

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