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Installing LAMP Stack on CentOS7 Server

Installing & setting up LAMP stack on CentOS7 Linux Server, Here I’ll be showing how to setup Apache, MySql and PHP in CentOS7 Linux Server.You can install PHPMyAdmin in CenOS7. By using PHPMyAdmin, you can manage databases easily. Follow these steps Quick Navigation1. Install Apache Web Server on CentOS72. ​Install MySQL (MariaDB) in CentOS73. Install PHP​​ […]

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How to Increase PHP memory_limit in WHM (CPanel)

How to increase PHP memory_limit in WHM. You will have access to WHM, if you have a dedicated server or vps. You can follow these steps to change php memory_limit. ​1. Login to WHM ​2. Navigate to Server Configuration => PHP Configuration Editor 3. ​Change memory_limit value to what ever you need ​4. Click on Save Button. Your Server ​Memory limit has […]

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How to Re-Activate/Update CPanel License

If you have a VPS or Dedicated server, then you will know about CPanel License. For using CPanel License we need to purchase CPanel License and it’s monthly recurring. If for any reason CPanel License Suspended, Then we can’t login to CPanel & WHM.After purchasing license again, we need to run this below code to login […]

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45 Social Bookmarking Sites to Get Quality Backlinks

Social Bookmarking websites can help us to get quality backlinks from these websites. Just register in these high domain authority website and submit your website links to get backlinks. Here I’ve sorted the list based on the Domain Authority.What is Social Bookmarking?What is the social bookmarking definition? As per Wikipedia, Social bookmarking is a centralized […]

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20+ Best Free Open Source Forum Applications

The forum is a medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. The forum can be used as a community for your business website where your users can discuss products.I’ve investigated around 20+ free open source forum applications, select best suitable forum application for your needs. That can be installed on your […]

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100+ Free Directory Submission Sites for High Quality Backlinks

Directory Submission sites are used to get quality backlinks, below is a list 100+ Quality directory Submission sites. These directory submission websites you should consider submitting your website. These directory submission sites are organized by domain authority from high to low. What is directory submission?Web Directory contains a list of websites organised by category, These websites […]

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3 Tips to Improve Alexa Rank of Website

Alexa Rank is used by online marketers and advertisers to estimate website traffic based on the metrics provided by Alexa. Alexa is owned by amazon, and it’s very popular website for checking traffic metrics of any website. What is Alexa Rank?Alexa rank is calculated based on the traffic you are getting to your blog or website. Alexa […]

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4 Easy Steps to Setup Linode VPS Server

Server setup in Linode, Here you will find steps to setup Linode server in within few minutes. I think you have Linode account if you don’t have create an account. => Linode Coupon code to get $20 for Free​ At the time of writing, Linode is offering 2GB RAM server for $10, we will be starting with […]

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