Linode Promotional Code to Get $20 For Free

Linode is Popular VPS provider with reliable performance and good up-times. This Linode promotional offer to get $20 after initial deposit.

To get Linode Promotional code $20 free you need to follow below steps.

  1. First register account with this link -> Register Linode
  2. After that click here, submit your name and email address. Within few minutes we will send you the promotional code. Use this code while depositing the first amount.
  3. In email, you will receive promotional code to get $20. Don't forget to use this code, and the minimum deposit is $5 + $20 promotional amount. You will get total of $25, you can use it for two months with 2GB Linode VPS.
  4. You should follow both steps, otherwise you won't be able to receive promotional amount. Register through above link & use promotional code.

Here is the screenshots from one of the users, who received the promotional amount.

Linode Promotional Code to Get $20 For Free
Linode Promotional Code to Get $20 For Free

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